About Us

cy_icon_black-000cybercise began in 2005 as the solution to a dream to make it easier for people everywhere to get more exercise. We like to say we started the whole crazy idea way back when you had to go to a gym or find a DVD (or VHS tape) to get help to exercise. Remember how hard that was in those early morning hours and in hotels with scary workout rooms?

Today, well things have changed. A great number of fantastic and wonderful people rushed into the online exercise market and have taken the world by storm. Bravo, we say! And cybercise, as we began, can no longer compete in that market. Not to worry, however, our Act II is even more exciting. We are still here doing the other diverse things we’ve loved all along and all still focused on your health and wellbeing.

Since the cybercise name now represents the corporate home of many products and services, we’re using this page to keep the name alive and help you find all of the goodness we’re creating in the world.

Our commitment remains the same as we declared on Day 1… to help you be healthy and happy and live into the life of your wildest, most fantastic dreams.